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What Is Monopropylene Glycol Used For?

Monopropylene glycol (MPG) is a extremely versatile natural compound that has numerous industrial and business purposes. The truth is, it’s present in all the things from cosmetics and pharmaceutical merchandise to meals and e-cigarettes.

MPG is accessible in numerous purity grades, every of which has an impression on the respective purposes.

  • USP Grade – With the best purity stage, USP grade MPG accommodates a minimum of 99.8% monopropylene glycol. In addition to getting used as a meals flavouring, it has purposes throughout the pharmaceutical, beauty, and e-cigarette industries.
  • Technical Grade – This grade of monopropylene glycol is mostly used as an antifreeze for automotive engines. It’s additionally used for cooling and de-icing functions.
  • Feed Grade Primarily used for livestock feed, this grade meets European high quality requirements. It’s registered below the Feed Supplies Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

What’s monopropylene glycol? 

Monopropylene glycol (additionally spelt ‘mono propylene glycol’) is a colourless and odour-free natural solvent with the next viscosity than water. Its hygroscopic properties imply it attracts and simply absorbs moisture from the air. MPG can also be extremely miscible with different solvent-liquids comparable to water, alcohols, esters, and ketones.

As a solvent, MPG can join and stabilise some insoluble fluids. When used as an antifreeze, it reduces the freezing level of water. It might additionally stabilise unstable, flammable liquids like alcohol and ketones by rising their flash factors and boiling factors. MPG itself is chemically secure and comparatively unreactive with different chemical compounds.

Is monopropylene glycol the identical as propylene glycol?

Chemically, propylene glycol is similar as monopropylene glycol; the principle distinction is its purity stage. For instance, pharmaceutical grade MPG has a purity stage of greater than 99.8%. 

The chemical components for MPG is C3H8O2. This can be written as CH3CH(OH)CH2OH. Its two hydroxyl teams make it a diol, which means two alcohols are current. MPG has a molar mass of 76.095 g·mol−1 and a viscosity of 0.042 Pa·s. The molecular construction consists of two hydroxyl teams, as proven under.Monopropylene glycol structure

What are the makes use of of monopropylene glycol?

Its versatility means monopropylene glycol has a variety of family, business, and industrial purposes.


The conventional freezing level of pure water is 0°C at 1 atm (101.325 kPa). A person pouring blue antifreeze into a car engine for the window screen.

Including MPG to water lowers the freezing level to a sure temperature, relying on the share of MPG used. The desk under reveals how the freezing level of water decreases proportionally as the share of antifreeze will increase.

A table showing the freezing points for water and propylene glycol solutions

Antifreeze is usually added to the water in automotive radiators to stop it from freezing in chilly climate. It’s additionally used to deal with the fuselage, wings and tail surfaces of aircrafts to stop ice accretion earlier than take-off.


MPG is a non-volatile and non-flammable liquid. Though it’s an excellent conductor of warmth, it additionally releases warmth simply. This makes it a superb refrigerant. Unsurprisingly, MPG is utilized in air con techniques, in addition to a coolant liquid in family fridges.


MPG has a viscosity and consistency much like oil. It’s due to this fact appropriate as a lubricant for transferring machine components comparable to these in automotive engines and industrial equipment. It prevents harm to transferring components by lowering friction and minimising growth as a result of warmth.

MPG can also be used as a non-toxic, hypoallergenic lubricant in condoms. Numerous flavours may even be added to it.

Pharmaceutical Trade

Monopropylene glycol’s hygroscopic properties make it a helpful ingredient in numerous topical medicines. Not solely does it enhance the adherence and hydration of medicinal lotions, nevertheless it helps to take care of the product’s chemical integrity.

A man applying cream onto a dry elbow.

Topical medicines containing MPG can be saved at low temperatures, thereby bettering their shelf life. Except for the nice cooling impact when utilized to the pores and skin, MPG aids the therapeutic and regeneration course of.

Beauty merchandise

Due to its capability to retain and stop moisture from evaporating, MPG is extensively utilized in moisturisers and different beauty merchandise. It’s now an energetic ingredient in merchandise comparable to shaving lotions, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, repairing masks, and beard soaps.

Meals processing

Within the meals processing trade, MPG is used as an additive and preservative. It’s due to this fact current in lots of processed meals and drinks, together with carbonated drinks. It additionally acts as a moisturiser and anticoagulant for meals merchandise comparable to ice cream and pastry.

Is monopropylene glycol dangerous?

Monopropylene is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It’s secure sufficient to be added to meals as an ingredient and consumed by people.

The place to purchase monopropylene glycol within the UK

You’ll be able to purchase monopropylene glycol in bulk or retail portions immediately from a chemical producer, however you sometimes should be a enterprise to order it in these portions. You may also order it on-line. ReAgent Chemicals bottle of monopropylene glycol



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