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Self-Stopping Leaks

A leak can really cease itself, as proven on this video. To show, the crew used a tube pierced with a small gap. When crammed, water initially shoots out the outlet in a jet. The strain driving the jet comes from the load of the fluid sitting above the outlet. Because the water degree drops, the strain drops, inflicting the jet to sag and finally type a rivulet that wets the facet of the tube. Because the water degree and driving strain proceed to fall, the rivulet breaks up into discrete droplets, whose actual habits is dependent upon how hydrophobic the tube is. Ultimately, a closing droplet kinds a cap over the outlet and the leak stops. At this level, the circulation’s driving strain is smaller than the strain shaped by the curvature of the capping droplet. (Picture and video credit score: C. Tally et al.)



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