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Self-replicating synthetic cells a step nearer due to artificial membrane

An artificial membrane that accommodates key proteins utilized in cell division may sooner or later assist synthetic cells replicate themselves


30 Could 2022

artificial membrane

Proteins concerned in cell division assemble themselves within the synthetic membrane

Wagner et al. Fig 6. Superior Supplies/Wiley-VCH GmbH

A man-made cell membrane with equipment for cell division is a key step in the direction of constructing an artificial cell from the bottom-up with the power to duplicate itself.

Artificial cell membranes now being constructed within the lab have lots of the properties of actual cell membranes, however they’ve lacked a “divisome”, a gaggle of proteins answerable for contorting the cell’s membrane into hourglass-like shapes to arrange for division.

Now, César Rodriguez-Emmenegger on the Leibniz Institute for Interactive …



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