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Scientists made a Möbius strip out of a tiny carbon nanobelt

From cylindrical nanotubes to the hole spheres referred to as buckyballs, carbon is legendary for forming tiny, advanced nanostructures (SN: 8/15/19). Now, scientists have added a brand new geometry to the record: a twisted strip known as a Möbius carbon nanobelt.

Möbius strips are twisted bands which might be well-known in arithmetic for his or her bizarre properties. A rubber band, for instance, has an inside and an outdoor. However if you happen to minimize the rubber band crosswise, twist one finish and glue it again collectively, you get a Möbius strip, which has just one face (SN: 7/24/07).

In 2017, researchers created carbon nanobelts, skinny loops of carbon which might be like tiny slices of a carbon nanotube. That feat steered it is perhaps doable to create a nanobelt with a twist, a Möbius carbon nanobelt. To make the itsy-bitsy twisty carbon, a few of the similar researchers stitched collectively particular person smaller molecules utilizing a sequence of 14 chemical reactions, chemist Yasutomo Segawa of the Institute for Molecular Science in Okazaki, Japan, and colleagues report Could 19 in Nature Synthesis.

Whereas carbon nanotubes can be utilized to make new kinds of pc chips and added to textiles to create cloth with uncommon properties, scientists don’t but know of any sensible functions for the twisty nanobelts (SN: 8/28/19; SN: 2/8/19). However, Segawa says, the work improves scientists’ skill to make tiny carbon constructions, particularly difficult ones.



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