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Pythagorean Astronomy: Shadow of battle – Physics and Astronomy outreach

Rosalind Franklin rover on the surface of Mars

Rosalind Franklin rover on the floor of Mars. Picture credit score: ESA/ATG medialab

With the invasion of Ukraine casting a shadow over the world, Chris North and Edward Gomez (coming back from a protracted hiatus!) have a look at the affect of the battle on astronomy and house science, aware that these pale in significance compared with the loss of life and destruction happening on the bottom. From the worldwide collaboration happening on board the Worldwide House Station, to using Russian rockets. Additionally at stake is the way forward for the Rosalind Franklin Rover, a European-Russian collaborative mission that was as a result of launch later this yr.

Elsewhere on this planet, NASA have proven off their latest rocket – the House Launch System, or SLS. The missions it permits ought to be spectacular, however how does the massive price ticket evaluate to different choices?

And at last, how does one de-detect a black gap? Typically in science, you need to take one step again to take two steps ahead!

An prolonged version of an authentic broadcast on thirty first March 2022 as a part of Pythagoras’ Trousers on Radio Cardiff.



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