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Progress‐dependent heterogeneity within the DNA harm response in Escherichia coli

Micro organism expertise numerous ranges of nutrient availability and are sometimes uncovered to DNA harm. The DNA harm response (SOS response) is analyzed in Escherichia coli on the single-cell stage in a number of nutrient situations.


In pure environments, micro organism are ceaselessly uncovered to sub-lethal ranges of DNA harm, which ends up in the induction of a stress response (the SOS response in Escherichia coli). Pure environments additionally differ in nutrient availability, leading to distinct physiological modifications in micro organism, which can have direct implications on their capability to restore their chromosomes. Right here, we evaluated the impression of various the nutrient availability on the expression of the SOS response induced by power sub-lethal DNA harm in E. coli. We discovered heterogeneous expression of the SOS regulon on the single-cell stage in all development situations. Surprisingly, we noticed a bigger fraction of excessive SOS-induced cells in sluggish development as in contrast with quick development, regardless of a better charge of SOS induction in quick development. The end result could be defined by the dynamic steadiness between the speed of SOS induction and the division charges of cells uncovered to DNA harm. Taken collectively, our knowledge illustrate how cell division and physiology come collectively to supply growth-dependent heterogeneity within the DNA harm response.



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