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Listing of Generally Misspelled Phrases and Tips for Remembering Them

Do you steadily embarrass your self attempting to spell “embarrass”? Can’t keep in mind whether or not “vacuum” has one C or two? This listing of generally misspelled phrases is for you! Not solely that, however we’ve discovered intelligent spelling tips that can assist you conquer these phrases as soon as and for all. Whereas mnemonic gadgets aren’t an alternative choice to studying to decode, they’re a enjoyable option to reinforce the proper spellings of difficult phrases. Plus get a free printable with tips for remembering generally misspelled phrases to share along with your college students, or hold it on your personal reference.

1. Accommodate

Accommodate - This word can accommodate a double C and a double M.

This phrase can accommodate a double C and a double M.

2. Purchase

I “C” that you just wish to purchase it.

3. Tackle

ADD the correct tackle to the envelope.

4. Obvious

This APP may also help all PARENTs.

5. Argument

This phrase misplaced an E within the argument.

6. Verify

If you asCERTAIN, be AS CERTAIN as you may.

7. As a result of

Massive Elephants Can At all times Perceive Small Elephants.

8. Imagine

By no means beLIEve a LIE.

9. Bicycle

By no means trip your bICYcle when it’s ICY.

10. Sensible

The BRILLo pad is gIANT.

11. Enterprise

The BUS is IN a mESS.

12. Calendar

The calenDAr has many DAys.

13. Cemetery

Cemetery - Many people find a cEmEtEry very EEriE.

Many individuals discover a cEmEtEry very EEriE.

14. Conscientious

The conSCIENTIous SCIENTIst by no means made a mistake.

15. Positively

It’s deFINItely FINIshed, or wrITe IT definITely.

16. Deodorant

There’s an ANT in my deodorANT.

17. Dependent

I DEPENDed on you, however you DENTed the automobile.

18. Determined

The desPERATE PERson ATE all of the meals.

19. Dessert

My favourite deSSert is strawberry shortcake. (Or you may do not forget that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backward!)

20. Dilemma

EMMA discovered herself in a dilEMMA.

21. Disappear

ThIS APP retains disappearing from my display screen.

22. Both

Ed Is THERe.

23. Embarrass

Embarrass - She turned Really Red and Smiled Shyly when she was embaRRaSSed.

She turned Actually Purple and Smiled Shyly when she was embaRRaSSed.

24. Atmosphere

I believe a brand new envIRONMEnt will IRON ME out.

25. Exaggerate

Goofy Greg liked to exaGGerate.

26. Train

I EXERt myself and am preCISE once I train.

27. Acquainted

That LIAR appears to be like famiLIAR.

28. Fascinating

The SCIence is faSCInating.

29. Overseas

Count on the forEIGn guests at EIGht.

30. Forty

They constructed FORTy FORTs.

31. Pal

I can be your friEND until the END.

32. Authorities

The GOVERNor was deMENTed.

33. Governor

Governor - Will she GOVERN OR will she not?

Will she GOVERN OR will she not?

34. Assure

The GUARd ANd his good friend assured their security.

35. Steering

The GUIDe was in a trANCE.

36. Hear

You hEAR along with your EARs.

37. Think about

Don’t think about there’s a second M in think about.

38. Imitate

Don’t imitate the M on this phrase with one other one.

39. Instantly

I ATE my meals immedIATEly.

40. Curiosity

The INTERn was bEST at exhibiting her curiosity.

41. Interrupt

It’s Actually Impolite when somebody inteRRupts.

42. Irrelevant

The second R is related in irrelevant.

43. Irritate

Irritate - It would irritate me if you forget the second R in irritate from list of commonly misspelled words.

It might irritate me if you happen to overlook the second R in irritate.

44. Island

An island IS LAND surrounded by water.

45. July

It’s trULY sizzling in JULY.

46. Data

I KNOW you may attain the LEDGE.

47. Laboratory

Scientists LABOR within the LABORatory.

48. Lesson

Take heed to the lesson, you’ll spend LESS time ON finding out.

49. Lightning

Watch the LIGHT go zING throughout the sky.

50. Lose/Unfastened

Lose misplaced an O, however unfastened didn’t.

51. Upkeep

Do the MAIN job TEN instances ANd your MAINTENANce is correct.

52. Point out

MEN, put your TIe On.

53. Misspell

Miss Pell by no means misspells.

54. Vital

Necessary - I order my neCeSSary Coffee with two Sugarsm from list of commonly misspelled words.

I order my neCeSSary Espresso with two Sugars.

55. Neither

NEll Is THERe.

56. Event

They traveled over two Cs (seas) for the event.

57. Occurred

Two units of double letters occurred on this phrase.

58. Typically

Typically, there have been TEN OF them.

59. Paid

PAy Is Accomplished with work.

60. Parallel

Two Ls aRe parallel.

61. Individuals

Individuals Eat Omelettes, Individuals Like Eggs.

62. Piece

Have a PIEce of the PIE.

63. Nice

Pleasant - The ANT was PLEASed by the pleasant weather from list of commonly misspelled words.

The ANT was PLEASed by the nice climate.

64. Possess

Possess possesses lots of S’s.

65. Attainable

I believe something is possIble.

66. Prejudice

Don’t PREJUDge. Assume twICE.

67. Principal

The princiPAL is your PAL.

68. Most likely

He dealt with the PROBlem ABLY.

69. Promise

Her PROM date was a surprISE.

70. Receipt

Be Affected person whereas the receiPt prints.

71. Obtain

It’s higher to gIVE than to receIVE.

72. Suggest

Recommend - I REally COMMEND you for spelling recommend correctly from list of commonly misspelled words

I REally COMMEND you for spelling suggest appropriately.

73. Related

Even the tiny ANT is relevANT.

74. Repetition

REPEaT IT In unisON.

75. Restaurant

Take your AUnt to the restaurant earlier than she begins to RANT.

76. Rhythm

Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Transfer.

77. Scissors

Don’t lower the C out of scissors.

78. Secretary

The SECRETary was good at preserving SECRETs.

79. Separate

There’s A RAT in SepARATe. (You may as well do not forget that the letter R separates two letter As.)

80. Soldier

A solDIEr could DIE for his or her nation.

81. Particular

The CIA has speCIAl brokers.

82. Succeed

Intelligent Youngsters know they nEED two C’s in succeed.

83. There

If you mix this one up with “their,” think about going HERE or tHERE.

For those who combine this one up with “their,” take into consideration going HERE or tHERE.

84. Collectively

All of us went TO GET HER collectively.

85. Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I’ll go together with TOM OR ROW a ship.

86. Towards

TOW the automobile TOWard the storage.

87. Two

TWo TWins went TWice.

88. Vacuum

VAl Cleans Up Ugly messes with the vacuum.

89. Wednesday

WE Do Not Eat Sandwiches on Wednesday.

90. Bizarre

"I" before "E" except after "C," but the spelling of weird is weird!

“I” earlier than “E” besides after “C,” however the spelling of bizarre is bizarre!

Get your free printable of generally misspelled phrases

Three pages with 90 most commonly misspelled words.

Simply present your electronic mail tackle, and we’ll ship you this printable listing of generally misspelled phrases with tips for remembering them. Share it along with your college students or put it aside for your self!



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