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IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples

IELTS Writing Process 1 samples are good for useful IELTS writing follow and exploring the IELTS Writing Process 1 rubric.

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (Line Chart)

The graph beneath exhibits the variations in wheat exports over three completely different areas. Write a report for a college lecturer describing the knowledge proven beneath. Write at the least 150 phrases.


The road graph compares three areas when it comes to exports of wheat between 1985 and 1990.

General, the three areas skilled completely different traits within the time interval. Whereas the wheat export in Canada and European international locations rose with some fluctuations, the export in Australia fell over time.

Because the graph exhibits, Australia’s wheat export determine began at 15 million tons in 1985 adopted by a small improve to round 16 million tons in 1986. Then, it declined steadily till it fell to simply over 10 million tons in 1990. Concerning Canada’s exports, in 1985 they shipped roughly 19 million tons of wheat. This determine fell to about 17 million in 1986, however then their exports skilled appreciable progress to 25 million tons in 1988. Afterward, the determine plunged to beneath 15 million in 1989, however then subsequently rose to simply below 20 million in 1990.

Against this, the wheat exports from the European Group skilled a rise within the six 12 months interval. In 1985, almost 16 million tons have been exported, however this quantity fell to about 14 million in 1986. Then, the exports elevated to precisely 15 million tons in 1987 and 1988 earlier than witnessing regular progress to 19 million and 21 million tons in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

(209 phrases)

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (Bar Chart)

The chart beneath exhibits the quantity of leisure time loved by women and men of dif erent employment standing.

Write a report for a college lecturer describing the knowledge proven beneath.

You need to write at the least 150 phrases in 20 minutes for this activity.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Samples (Bar Chart) 


The bar chart compares the quantity of free time per week that women and men of 5 classes of employment standing had between 1998 and 1999.

It’s clear that males loved extra hours of leisure time per week than ladies in three out of 5 classes. Nevertheless, solely figures for girls are proven in two classes, specifically employed part-time and housewives.

Concerning the full-time employed, clearly males had barely extra leisure time than ladies, with roughly 45 hours of free time per week, in comparison with round 38 hours for girls. Clearly, unemployed and retired individuals of each genders loved essentially the most hours of leisure time. Furthermore, the figures for retired women and men have been precisely the identical as these for the unemployed, at round 85 and 78 hours of free time per week, respectively.

Housewives loved 50 hours of spare time, slightly greater than part-time working ladies who had simply over 40 leisure hours every week. No information is given for males in both of those classes.

169 phrases.

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (Desk)

The desk beneath provides details about the typical annual spending of college college students in three completely different international locations.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Samples (Table)


The given desk compares the share of expenditure which school college students from 3 international locations spend on completely different residing bills annually.

General, the full spending of scholars in nation A was increased than the expenditure of scholars in international locations B and C. In all of the international locations, college students spent the best proportion of their finances on lodging and meals.

In nation A, the full spending of scholars is highest, at 5000$ per 12 months, in contrast with $4500 and $1500 for college kids in international locations B and C respectively.

Lodging accounts for 45% of the full expenditure of scholars in nation A, whereas the proportions have been decrease for college kids in nation B at 35%, and nation C, at solely 30%. Nevertheless, in time period of meals, college students in nation C spend the most important share of their cash on it, accounting for 36%. The figures for nation A and B are solely 22% and 28% respectively. College students in nation C additionally spent a excessive share of their finances on books, at 21%, in contrast with 9% for college kids in nation B and simply 3% for college kids in nation A. Against this, college students in international locations A and B spent 22% and 23% respectively of their finances on leisure, whereas college students in nation C spent solely 12% of their complete cash on this class.

196 phrases.

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (Pre Chart)

The pie charts beneath present the typical family expenditures in Japan and Malaysia within the 12 months 2010.

Summarise the knowledge by deciding on and reporting the principle options, and make comparisons the place related.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Samples (Pre Chart)


The pie charts examine the typical family spending in Japan and Malaysia when it comes to 5 vital classes in 2010.

General, it’s clear that Japanese and Malaysian individuals spent the most important proportion of their finances on simply three classes, specifically housing, meals and different items and companies. Furthermore, the expenditures on healthcare and transport in Japan have been double the figures for Malaysia.

In Malaysian households, the best proportion of spending was on housing, which represented 34% of the full expenditure, whereas in Japan, the determine for this class was simply 21%. Japanese house owners spent the most important quantity of their earnings on different items and companies, at 29%. In the meantime, the speed of spending on this class in Malaysia was barely decrease, at 26%. When it comes to meals, the chances of bills for each nations have been comparatively related, at 27% for Malaysia and 24% for Japan.

In each international locations, the smallest proportion of spending was on well being care. In Malaysia, this accounted for 3% of the full family bills, whereas the determine for transport represented 10%. These figures have been precisely doubled in Japan which have been 6% and 20% respectively.

188 phrases.

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (MAP)

The maps present adjustments that came about in Youngsville in New Zealand over a 25 12 months interval from 1980 to 2005.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Map Sample


The maps illustrate the developments which came about within the coastal city of Youngsville between 1980 and 2005.

General, a comparability of the 2 maps reveals a whole transformation from a largely rural to a primarily city space.

Within the 12 months 1980, the city was a a lot greener residential space with numerous timber and particular person homes, however throughout the subsequent 25 years, the city noticed numerous important adjustments. Essentially the most noticeable is that the entire timber within the south of the River Alanah have been chopped down, with all the homes alongside the railway line being demolished to make means for skyscrapers. Furthermore, a brand new industrial zone with warehouses and factories sprang up across the faculty and airport.

In distinction, just a few timber within the north of the river remained. The woodland was cleared and transformed right into a golf course, a park, and automobile parking amenities. Additional developments have been the development of a stadium subsequent to the northeast nook of the lake and the extension of the railway line from the river operating on to the north. A Marina was additionally constructed on the mouth of the river.

194 phrases.

IELTS Writing Process 1 Samples (Course of)

The diagram illustrates the method that’s used to fabricate bricks for the constructing business.

Summarize the knowledge by deciding on and reporting the principle options and make comparisons the place related.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Samples (Process) 


The circulation chart exhibits the way in which during which bricks are made for the constructing business.

General, there are 7 levels in the entire brick producing course of, starting with the digging up of clay and ending with the supply of the bricks to the shoppers.

To start, the clay used to make the bricks is dug up from the bottom by a big digger. This clay is then positioned onto a metallic grid, which is used to interrupt up the clay into smaller items. A curler assists on this course of. Following this, sand and water are added to the clay, and this combination is was bricks by both putting it right into a mould or utilizing a wire lower. Subsequent, these bricks are positioned in a drying oven to dry for twenty-four – 48 hours.

Within the subsequent stage, the bricks undergo a heating and cooling course of. They’re heated in a kiln at a reasonable after which a excessive temperature (starting from 200c to 1300c), adopted by a cooling course of in a cooling chamber for 48 – 72 hours. Lastly, the bricks are packed and delivered to their locations.

(188 phrases).

Pure Course of 

Natural Process 


The circulation chart illustrates the event of a frog from egg throughout its life cycle.

General, it’s clear that there are six distinct levels illustrated within the course of, commencing with producing eggs within the water and ending with the event of a mature frog.

The primary stage is when the eggs, proven as frogspawn, float on the floor of the lake. The following step after that is the emergence of the small tadpole after the frogspawn hatches. At this level within the cycle, the small tadpole has a small physique with an extended tail. Over time, the tadpole grows and its physique turns into larger whereas the tail turns into longer. On the identical time, the legs start to kind in order to arrange the tadpole’s future life on land. Finally, the tadpole begins to develop right into a younger frog with a wider mouth, a shorter tail and bigger legs though it continues to stay within the water. Steadily, the frog turns into mature, prepared to go away the water and strikes onto the land. When being on land, it begins to breathe air and loses the tail. The ultimate stage of the cycle is when the grownup frog finds a mate so as to lay eggs. Having accomplished all these steps, the lifecycle will then start once more.

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