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Hydrogen Heavyweight Discovered for Methane-Hydrogen Compounds

• Physics 15, s69

Researchers have uncovered a methane-hydrogen compound containing greater than 50% hydrogen, a discovering that might assist scientists higher perceive the inside dynamics of planets, together with Earth.


Within the outer Photo voltaic System, methane- and hydrogen-based compounds are the commonest small molecules other than water, so their interplay in excessive situations is fascinating to scientists. Signatures of methane-hydrogen compounds have appeared in geoscience and supplies science research. However, regardless of the ubiquity of those substances, they’ve been experimentally ignored for many years. Now, Ross Howie from the College of Edinburgh, UK, and his colleagues have explored the properties of a wide range of methane-hydrogen molecules, discovering beforehand unobserved hydrogen-rich types of these compounds [1]. The invention might assist in higher understanding the evolution and inside dynamics of Neptune, Uranus, Earth, and different planets the place methane-hydrogen compounds are discovered.

To type their methane-hydrogen compounds, Howie and colleagues used a diamond anvil cell—a tool that compresses supplies to excessive pressures. Trapping a couple of nanoliter of methane-hydrogen gasoline between two diamond suggestions, the crew squeezed it down till it fashioned a stable compound with a diameter of roughly that of a human hair. In x-ray diffraction and optical spectroscopy experiments, the crew decided the construction of the ensuing high-pressure compounds.

Above pressures of 5 GPa, the crew noticed the formation of methane-hydrogen compounds wealthy in hydrogen. A type of compounds,


, which is made up of three methane molecules and 25 hydrogen molecules, contained 51% hydrogen by weight, essentially the most hydrogen of any identified substance.

The crew says that they’ve begun investigating the temperature results of


, together with the opposite compounds that they made. One in every of their objectives is to search out out whether or not they can scale back the stress at which their hydrogen-rich methane-hydrogen compounds type by adjusting the temperature at which they conduct experiments. If the compounds can type at low pressures, they’ve the potential to be used in hydrogen storage.

–Allison Gasparini

Allison Gasparini is a contract science author based mostly in Santa Cruz, CA.


  1. U. Ranieri et al., “Formation and stability of dense methane-hydrogen compounds,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 215702 (2022).

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