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A Few of My Favourite Wholesome Meals and The place to Purchase Them

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In my final publish, I shared wholesome meals to eat and ones to keep away from, however readers requested for extra specifics like the place to buy and what to make for numerous meals. To comply with are a few of my favourite issues to eat based mostly on what I’ve discovered from studying many books, articles, and listening to podcasts. By following what I’ve discovered I’ve misplaced greater than 25 kilos and gained muscle.


The place to order wholesome on-line


Doing the Bulletproof espresso technique makes intermittent fasting simple.
It can assist you
shed pounds and enhance your mind perform.

I eat in the course of the hours of 10 – 6 or 11 – 7.

It solely took a couple of days for my physique to regulate to fasting. Fasting is a more healthy manner for us to eat. 

Right here’s find out how to make it.

  • Pour your favourite espresso

  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of MCT oil and grass fed-butter comparable to Ghee

  • I additionally add a scoop of collagen powder

  • If you happen to like sweetener use monk fruit. That is your healthiest possibility.

  • Mix or use a frother



  • Cereal, granola, oat, bars, milk, cheese, waffle, muffin, pancake, bread, toast, processed meat


Recipe concepts

Lunch or Dinner


  • Bread

  • Processed meat

  • Cheese however if you happen to should have cheese from goats or sheep.
    Some cheese alternate options like Miyoko’s will not be too unhealthy.

  • If you happen to should have bread eat ezekiel bread





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