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30 Enjoyable Info About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are wondrous creatures, as you’ll be taught as you learn the 30 enjoyable info about sea turtles listed under. Sea turtles combat many odds, and it’s estimated that only one in 1,000  sea turtle hatchlings survive to maturity, which might take as much as 50 years to succeed in. 


After studying by way of these enjoyable info about sea turtles, try the hyperlink to our sea turtles lesson and printable worksheets.

30 Enjoyable Info About Sea Turtles


  1. Many sponges are poisonous for different species to eat resulting from their glass-like spikes that develop inside them. Nonetheless, Hawksbill Sea turtles are fully immune to those spikes, so they’re thought-about an amazing assist round coral reefs as much less sponges permit for a better range of species to thrive.
  2. Whereas land turtles and tortoises can retract into their shells, sea turtles are unable to take action.

Green sea turtle

  1. When sea turtles sleep, they will gradual their coronary heart price to as gradual as 4 beats per minute to preserve oxygen.
  2. Once they do sleep, they like to cover amongst rocks.
  3. Sea turtles don’t have ear holes! Whereas they do nonetheless have ears, they’re lined by a skinny layer of pores and skin referred to as the tympanum.
  4. Sea grass is a favourite meals of inexperienced sea turtles. They eat a lot leafy greens that by the point they’re an grownup, their fats deposits could be inexperienced!

30 fun facts about sea turtles - they eat seaweed

  1. Sea turtles can keep beneath water for about 7 hours when the climate is chilly, and they’re successfully hibernating.
  2. The eyesight of sea turtles is sort of good. Sometimes, they’re far-sighted within the water and extra near-sighted above water. They will understand shorter wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, permitting sea turtles to see UV mild. One thing people can’t understand with out expertise!
  3. Though turtles can maintain their breath for 45 minutes to at least one hour throughout routine exercise, they usually dive for 4 to five minutes and floor to breathe for just a few seconds in between dives.
  4. Whereas usually sea turtles want to maneuver at round 1-5mph, when frightened, they’ve been discovered to swim as much as 23 miles per hour.
  5. Most sea turtles construct their nests at night time, however the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle persistently likes to construct their nests at night time.
  6. The females of each ridley sea turtles prefer to nest in massive teams referred to as “arribadas”, which is Spanish for “arrival”. No different species of sea turtles have been discovered to point out this group nesting habits.

Fun facts about sea turtles - females build nests above high tide line

  1. After mating, feminine turtles return to the seaside the place they had been born to nest. That is referred to as natal homing.  For a feminine sea turtle, migrating and nesting is so tiring that after nesting 2 to five occasions in a season, she might want to take a break for 1 to three years to get her energy again to mate once more.
  2. The beaks of sea turtles are product of keratin, which is identical factor our fingernails and rhinoceroses’ horns are product of.
  3. Though leatherbacks are thought-about cold-blooded, they’ve inside mechanisms that permit them to manage their physique temperature, permitting them to outlive even within the colder waters of the Arctic circle and the hotter temperatures of tropical seashores.
  4. Kemp’s ridley sea turtle are thought-about the smallest of the seven species, with leatherbacks being the biggest.
  5. The Olive ridley is nicknamed the “dancing turtle” as a result of when the females cowl up their eggs, they seem to do some dance. Their our bodies and flippers are mild, in order they attempt to transfer round and canopy the eggs with sand, they bounce round, and it seems to be like they’re dancing.
  6. Sea turtles will return to the realm the place they had been born to mate. Nonetheless, it could actually take 15 to 50 years to do make this return.
  7. A turtle’s lungs has two features. It shops oxygen and helps the turtle keep buoyant and float on the floor of the water. After inhaling on the floor, a turtle turns into buoyant and may relaxation on the floor.
  8. The incubation time for sea turtle eggs is 50 to 70 days.
  9. Nesting turtles use their entrance flippers to dig themselves right into a physique pit first, earlier than they dig a deeper egg chamber with their again flippers by scooping out the sand. Then they lay the eggs by dropping them into the egg chamber.

    The depth of the egg chamber is essential as a result of a sea turtle’s gender is decided throughout incubation primarily based on the temperature of the nest.🐢
  10. The dept of the egg chamber is essential as a result of the ocean turtle’s gender is decided throughout incubation, primarily based on the temperature of the following.  If the temperature is is under 81.86 Fahrenheit, the turtle hatchlings will probably be male. If the eggs incubate above 87.8° Fahrenheit, nonetheless, the hatchlings will probably be feminine.

Depositphotos 153559154 L1

  1. The turtle hatchlings emerge collectively at dusk so as to assist shield towards predators and the hat of the day.
  2. A feminine will lay between 2 and 6 nests per season. She usually returns each two weeks to construct a brand new nest. She doesn’t return to examine on her earlier nests.
  3. Sea turtles make their nest above the excessive tide line to forestall the nest from flooding and the sand surrounding the following turning into too moist and compact. The nest must have some air pockets that present oxygen.
  4. Sea turtles spend the primary 48 hours of their life swimming away from the coastal space the place they hatched. They head to the deep sea the place they will conceal in and feed on seaweed. As soon as they’re larger they’ll go to coastal areas.
  5. It’s estimated that just one in 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings survive to maturity, which might take as much as 50 years to succeed in.
  6. Scientists learning sea turtles can not inform the age of a turtle by inspecting it. The one solution to decide a turtle’s age is inspecting their humerus bone after the turtle has handed away. The method is known as skeletochronology. Similar to a tree trunk has rings, the turtle’s humerus bone has progress rings scientists can study.
  7. You may inform the distinction between a female and male sea turtle by trying on the tail and entrance flippers. Males have an extended tail than females. Plus, males have a curved claw on their entrance flippers. EXCEPT…leatherback males wouldn’t have a curved claw.
  8. Leatherbacks are the biggest residing sea turtles and are the ocean turtle that may dive the deepest at greater than 1,000 meters or 3,000 ft.

Be taught extra about sea turtles and revel in sea turtle studying actions for teenagers by downloading our sea turtle lesson discovered right here. Use these 30 enjoyable info to finish the actions.


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